And because two shelves away you can find something more original and less obvious. Have a lovely day, Mary x. Les pantalons chez Zara sont souvent trop longs. Can you explain another phenomenon, though? I think the key to style and an decisive mind is not having much. I love this guide because it rings so true for my excursions to Zara!

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Faire le tri chez H&M et Zara — Bien habillée

Thank You for the advice: Je dois avoir perdu mes habitudes parisiennes…. We are shorter and curvier.

Partly because I want to enjoy wearing it, but mainly because good quality fabric tends to correspond to a close eye to design. In order to keep my wardrobe versatile and functional fallowing rules like these it is a MOST. He makes a living handing out flyers for a comic book store dressed as an off-brand superhero. So last Thursday, as I felt the urge to run to Zara after reading your post -maybe I was just nostalgic- I found a pair of the most gorgeous heels waiting for me.

They are bombarded by so many looks in a store like Zara, that they get confused.

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In the blog below you can find people who upload their Zara looks. I always check the labels, but touch is SO important. We spend months gleefully Zara is a fast fashion brand, so admirably fast that a high rate of faulty pieces get on the shelves. I love Zara too but always go in and to the left, rather than right. I love Zara with reservations, I just bought a beautiful tgop from them.


That said, one pair of Zara jeans I never regretted buying was actually from Zara men! And one more good thing to know is, that not everything you can find online will be in stores…. I think, but I am not sure, that it depends on the store.

If it feels like something else I have that is good quality, I know I am making a good purchase. Elisa — Wandering Minds blog. I have to admit that with age I buy less and less there.

They are truly poor quality.

set Keep up with such wonderful and inspiring work. And yes, with those items that are almost straight copies of popular designer items, I get drawn in immediately but have to step back and realize their short life-span as sad imposters.

Amusant cet article et tellement vrai!

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Thanks for the great advice, I will add it!! It is difficult to spot something relatively unique, for instance, the fake-leather peplum top and know what you will do with it without the runway models demonstrating what it takes to be chic. Not too weird, but not bland and boring either. Hope you and Scott are safe and well from Sandy.


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I always wear this scarf, for example. I, like most the rest of the world, seem to always have issues shopping at Zara.

Here in Estonia they put the cheapest things in the middle of the store. Sinon je note les conseils Zara: Except for a pair of boots. Votre video sur les basic insistait sur comment faire pour ne pas avoir l air trop corporate. And the wierdest thing is: I always have a feeling that things in Zara Man are much better, what do you think?